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Bait for Bass Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the U.S. and Bass are some of the most sought after fish species. There are several types of bait for catching Bass, including live bait and artificial lures. Choosing the best bait is one of the first Bass fishing basics to learn.

Live bait can be peelers or soft back crabs, which are really fine baits for Bass. A peeler is a crab when it’s in the process of losing its old shell, (to test if a crab is a peeler, try lifting the rear end of its shell; it should come away easily). A crab is a soft back when it has already discarded its old shell but before its new shell has hardened.

Other good live baits for Bass fishing include sand-eels, lugworm, and rag worm. Sand-eels can be collected from wet sand where they lie buried on a receding tide. They can be used as a dead bait but are more effective as live bait. Both lugworm and rag worm can be dug at low tide and will keep for a couple of days wrapped in damp newspaper. You can also try what is called a “bait cocktail,” which consists of both crab and worm on the same hook.

Other popular Bass fishing baits are artificial lures. There are many, many types of artificial lures - too many to list completely here. It is advised to visit your local tackle store and ask for the most popular types of artificial lures for your local area. Start off simple with just a handful, which should include a couple of (top water baits) a couple of (spinner baits) and a couple of (plastic or rubber lures). As with the live baits these should all be retrieved slowly when fishing for Bass. The following is a list of some of the more popular artificial lures for Bass fishing:

Zara Spook - by Heddon
Senko - by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits
Floating Worm - by Yum
Superfluke - by Zoom
Torpedo - by Heddon
Buzz Bait - by Lazer Eye
Pop-R - by Rebel
Tournament Frog - by Snag Proof. This biat is excellent for casting in and around lily pads, matted grass, fall downs and reeds.
Spinner Bait - made by several different companies. A spinner bait is one of the most versatile Bass baits to be used because it can be worked several different ways.


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